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Which is better: Notebook or Desktop?

Today the desktop PC is becoming a rarity. In most computer shops, you will see dozens of different notebook models and even tablets and netbooks.

It is quite tempting to go for a notebook (we call them notebook now because they discovered we should not use them on our laps). Prices start at around Rs. 18 000 – same as a complete desktop (low-end). Sub-notebooks (or netbooks) go down to less than Rs. 9000 in time of promotions. So which is better? Read on...

Disadvantages of Laptops:
  • More expensive than a comparable desktop.
  • Maintenance is not only expensive, but much more difficult.
  • Parts are often impossible to find in Mauritius.
  • Uncomfortable. 
  • If you bring a laptop home from work, you tend to work more than you should.
  • Sometimes the touchpad makes you displace files without even realizing.
  • Battery lasts only a couple of years.
       Afterwards it’s a pain to get a replacement. And mind you, it will likely be more than Rs. 3000
  • Easy to get lost, especially if you are a student or woman.
  • More vulnerable to damage (shocks during travel, etc.)
  • You have to worry about charging your battery, but not charging it too much.
  • Lifespan of laptops is 2/3 that of a desktop.
  • Laptops and tablets will contribute to more global waste in the coming years.
  • The small screen is likely to strain eyes more.
  • Most of the time you cannot choose exactly what components you want on a laptop

Advantages of Desktops:

  • Cost less for better components.
  • Work comfortably: You get a full size keyboard, full size screen with better posture.
  • Much more durable, especially branded computers.
  • More memory and hard drive upgrade options (also cheaper).
  • More control over what the kids are browsing.


Now to be fair:

Advantages of Laptops:
  • Mobility: You can go to the National Park to do your typing, inspired by nature.
  • Connectivity: You can connect to any open network (e.g. Municipality). Useful if your ADSL is faulty.
  • Runs on battery, so it saves your work in case of power outage
  • It has everything you need to quickly begin communicating (e.g. skype) with relatives and friends abroad.


Disadvantages of Desktops:
  • Take more space, more difficult to move.
  • Less tidy, with cables on the floor.
  • Less privacy: if you set up your screen against a wall, everybody will see what you’re up to.


Desktop is more advantageous for users.

Go for a notebook if you need mobility.

Or course, whichever you chose, chances are that you'll get the best deal from Nexxit.