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Mistake # 1

The Price Catch

If you see a product advertised with “We’ll beat any price”, it does not necessarily means it’s the cheapest deal for this particular product. Look at least in three other stores. Also, if you are paying cash (not a “cash cheque”), you can easily negotiate a good discount.

Advertising comes at a cost (so does this website). So the sellers negotiation margin is often larger if he has not invested that much in adverts.

Mistake # 2

Seduced by Low Cost

We will never say it enough: “Bon marché coûte cher”.

This is especially true in this age of consumerism. And the philosophy of disposable stuff is causing irreversible harm to our planet. Therefore we will all be better off getting a good solid machine and repair it when needed than getting a flimsy one with a much smaller lifetime (often one third of the better model).

We all want to save money when buying stuff, but with computers this can lead to problems. Not only quality matters, but running costs make a big difference too. If you are planning to buy a new printer, for example, be sure to learn about consumables as well.

Also, when a gift is attached to a product, remember the saying “There is no free meal in business”. Some printers for instance, are real poisonous gift. Email me if you wish to know why :)

By the way, “Free Gift” is a redundancy, because a gift is always free.

Mistake # 3

Not Getting Advised

Technology is getting sophisticated, and complicated. And a salesman is not knowledgeable in all field. So when you walk in a store and tell the salesman “I don’t understand much in computers...” you’re giving the salesperson a license to sell you the hardest of his stock, or the old stuff that has found no buyer yet.

A technician will give you precious advice happily, provided he is assured some kind of return. Experience is not free, but one can absorb it in one's profit margin. An qualified person would tell you, for example, that it is useless to get a PC with lots of memory if the operating system will not be able to take advantage of it. Printing, in particular, is a field where there are multiple snares.

Also, avoid supermarket style shops, where you may get “crashing” price, but no support at all.

Finally, do not forget to include side expenses in your budget:

  • Peripherals: power cable (to replace the alien one that comes with your equipment)

  • Cables: USB cable is not always included with printers

  • Supplies: Ink cartridges, etc.

  • Software:

Most new PCs come with demo software. And some do not even have an operating system. To dispel a certain myth, software is not free. Companies spend billions to produce the software that enable us to use our computers. Yes, some software like Skype and Live Messenger are free, but they live on advertising.

Mistake # 4

Purchasing Abroad

Naturally, as goods Mauritius imports everything from overseas, transport cost increase the cost of our goods substantially. Buying computers abroad may not be a good idea, however. The difference in price (often around a thousand rupees) is not enough to cover the troubles you come encounter:

  • No warranty:

    Local agents will not repair your branded laptop even if it is under warranty, unless you have specifically paid for a warranty package that is applicable in Mauritius. When you consider some computers available locally with 3 or 5 years warranty, the savings does is not justified.

  • No parts:

    laptops have very specific parts which is quite difficult to obtain (see also this article) even one year after the model went out.

  • No supplies:

    Some products are made for a specific market (e.g. Asia) so the supplies available locally are not compatible.

  • No support:

    Local technicians sometimes do not have the time or willingness to service unknown models

So What?

The IT market is very competitive.

When you come to Nexxit (or when Nexxit comes to you) you have the opportunity to learn about the right computer or printer for the best value for your money. We are always offering great deals on Dell, HP, Samsung computers, printers and other hardware (including other brands).