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Nexxit Ltd. incorporated on 01 March 2010

Business Registration No. c.1009.3612

We are not VAT registered


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Blog: http://nexxit.blogspot.com


Address: 12a, Harbour View 2, Mayer Street, Port Louis

Phone: 213 0022

Mobile (preferred): 5251 4184




Have you ever called a technician and waited for weeks without a hint?

This is typical in the IT world, where big projects have to be attended before the common mortals. You will rarely receive individual attention at the big doors.

This is why Nexxit remains a "micro" company. We can thus afford to be responsive and can adapt our schedule to the situation.

At Nexxit we believe in specialisation. We do not claim we can do everything. However when we undertake something, we do it passionately. We work in collaboration with many other companies to provide you with real solutions. See some of our partners below.

And you can bet we'll respond to the phone when you call us. If we are not available immediately, we'll call back for sure.


In collaboration with:


► Worldline Computers

Information Technoology, Alarm Systems...


Finasoft Ltd.

Accounting Software, Point of Sales...


Prestige Accounting Services Ltd.

Book keeping, Audit, Tax...


Logos Publicity Ltd.

Advertising, Video Production


Secure Services Ltd.

Mission Critical Systems, Servers, ...



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